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Class of 1965 Reunion Gift Committee Update

Our 50th Reunion is right around the corner and we have set a few amazing goals for ourselves.  In order to reach them, we need your help!  

One of our classmates, Lew Counts, has pledged to give $250,000 if we can reach 350 gifts this year.  This is a stretch for us – our highest number of gifts over the past 5 fiscal years has been 308.  WE CAN DO THIS!  To date, Lew has given $200,000 of his Challenge gift.  As of May 11th, we have 303 gifts in the door – we only need 47 more to receive the final $50,000 of Lew’s Challenge!  Please help make this happen.  A gift in any amount helps and will get us toward this incredible gift from our generous and dedicated classmate, Lew.

We were very lofty in setting our participation goal of 65%.  We want to have as many of our classmates make a gift as possible, while also honoring the Class of 1965.  We have come very far.  We need 41 more donors to make a gift.  That catch is, the donors who can help us reach this goal have not made a gift since June 30, 2010 or earlier.  So, if that is YOU, please make your gift today.  Not only will your gift count towards the Challenge stated above, but it will help us reach our goal of 65%.

Our dollar goal is to raise $10,800,000.  The gifts that count for this goal are anything that has been received since July 1, 2010 and pledges going forward through June 30, 2019.  You can have a great impact with your gift for our 50th Reunion by making a 5 year pledge.  The entire pledge will count as your 50th Reunion Gift.  We are VERY close to this goal and would love to surpass it!  We need just under $100,000 to meet our goal.  Please consider increasing your impact with a 5 year pledge.

We look forward to seeing you at Reunions, in your red jacket or scarf, beginning on June 4th!  Help us make this great by participating in your class gift to thank, honor, and recognize all that MIT has done for us.
To make your gift now, please follow this link:

Your 50th Reunion Gift Committee Co-Chairs,
John Golden, Jr. and Doug Spreng      

MIT 2015 Commencement Speaker Announced

Megan Smith '86 SM '88 will give the address at the 149th Commencement of MIT on Friday, June 5, 2015. Ms. Smith is the chief techology officer of the United States of the America and an assistant to President Barack Obama.

“As a technologist, Megan Smith dreams on a grand scale, and she delivers just as grandly,” MIT President L. Rafael Reif says. “Her open spirit, startling creativity, and deep technical insight shine through in everything she does, from the world-changing projects she spearheaded with colleagues at Google to her inspiring insights as a member of the MIT Corporation. In the best MIT tradition, Megan takes her work very seriously, but not herself. We could not be prouder that she is now guiding the nation’s technology policy, nor more delighted that she will address our new graduates in June.”

For more information read the release from the MIT News Office. For information about the 50th reunion class attending Commencement, read the 50th Reunion Commencement FAQ page.

Sample 50th Reunion Book Biography

Several alumni have asked for a sample bio to guide them in what to include in their own biographies for the 50th reunion book. Below is Dave Manalan's, which uses up only about half of the allowed space. 

EARLY LIFE:  Born in the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach- a hospital in 1943 called Ream General.  Spent many happy years in West Palm Beach, FL with my four siblings.  

STUDENT YEARS:  Going to MIT was an experience in living away from home and trying to compete with hordes of very intelligent people.  I spent four years in Burton House, enjoyed working on the Burton student staff, and was happy to get my degree and head out to work- someplace other than Vietnam in southeast Asia.  

BUSINESS: Millipore (now Merck-Millipore) was a great first job- 200 people and growing. In 1988, when it was 4,500 people, I went to another small company- Sepracor- but it wasn't the same old magic.  I started consulting in 1992, and have been at it ever since.  

FAMILY:  Met my current and only wife in '66, kids in the early 70's.  Learned Boy Scouting along with my son.

PUBLIC SERVICE: I enjoy serving on town boards, helping with MIT reunions, teaching courses in quality, Toastmasters, serving on ASQ boards, and doing volunteer tax preparation.

HOBBIES: I enjoyed sailing, tennis and then learning golf. Trying to find space and time to return to model boat building.

PUBLICATIONS: None to date in peer reviewed journals, but various talks on topics.

AWARDS:  Lots of "thank you" plaques, and happy to become an ASQ Fellow.

FUTURE PLANS: Now enjoying travel while living in our first home from 1968- albeit with renovations.  Looking forward to continuing to adopt new technologies into my life- and hoping that the enjoyment will continue.

The deadline for biography submission is January 26, 2015. Classmates with email addresses were sent individual web log-ins by email in November, 2014. If you need your link resent or have any technical questions or difficulties,please contact for assistance.

MIT President L. Rafael Reif Remembers Boston Mayor Tom Menino

I found this article by MIT President L. Rafael Reif about Boston's longest-serving mayor, Tom Menino, an outstanding piece. -- Dave Manalan

Order Your MIT Red Jacket for our 50th Reunion!

Now that we've reached our 50th reunion, we're able to wear the famous MIT red jacket! Gould's in Acton, Massachusetts, is ready to accept orders. More information and a downloadable order form are here.

A Message from Your Class President to Launch Your 50th Reunion Year

Dear Classmates,

Our Class entered MIT in 1961, the 100th Anniversary of MIT.  (Remember those 1861-1961 curtains in Hayden Library, which seemed to be there for most of our half-century?) We have seen a lot of Technology and History pass through our lives since that time, and it's about time for us to return to the Campus and celebrate it all.

I hope to see you all as we gather to Celebrate this Passage of Time and our passage through it!  More information will be coming soon, both in the mail and here on our website, but for now, be sure you save the dates for our 50th Class Reunion activities June 4-7, 2015.

Peter C. Heinemann '65

A Message from Your 50th Reunion Chair to Launch Your 50th Reunion Year

Dear Classmates,

It's almost Labor Day, but Spring and our 50th Reunion are not far away.  I've volunteered to be the Reunion Chair because I think all of us would like to revisit our lives, friends, and campus of fifty years ago; and with the Reunion Committee's assistance, we're well on our way.  Dick Schmalensee is recruiting interesting speakers from our class for a special program, and our committee is beginning to make plans for events just for us.

You will be receiving requests for you to upload a bio and pictures for the Reunion Book. You'll also be getting by email a reunion survey, so we can get an idea of how many people are planning to come to what will be the biggest gathering of our class since 1965. See you in June!
David A. Manalan '65

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